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St Mary & St John Church of England V.A. Primary School

North Luffenham, Rutland


Inspirational history Quote

''History is not the past but a map of the past, drawn from a particular point of view, to be useful to the modern traveller."  Henry Glassie, US historian (1941-)

History Subject Vision.

At St Mary and St John CEVA Primary School, we aim to simulate children's interest and understanding about the life of people who lived in the past and ways in which it differs from the present. We believe that learning about the past helps children to make sense of the world in which they live and to develop analytical thinking. 

At St Mary and St John CEVA  Primary School, we believe that the study of history makes a valuable contribution to their understanding of all aspects of life giving a sense of identity and heritage. 

Attached Documents

 History and Geography Curriculum Coverage Map - Whole School