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St Mary & St John Church of England V.A. Primary School

North Luffenham, Rutland

Pupil Premium Grant

The Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is a national Government scheme which has been available to schools since its introduction in April 2011. The PPG provides funding for two policies:

  • raising the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities to reach their potential
  • supporting children and young people with parents in the regular armed forces

Disadvantaged Pupils

The PPG is made available to pupils who are deemed ‘disadvantaged’. The grant may be spent for the purposes of the school, that is for the educational benefit of pupils registered at that school. Educational support, interventions and initiatives can be provided to reduce the inequalities experienced by these (disadvantaged) pupils, as well as improve progress and raise standards of achievement for them and help narrow and close any gaps between them and their non-disadvantaged peers nationally.

Eligible pupils at our school fall into two categories:

  • Ever6 FSM (Free School Meals) - Those pupils who are currently eligible for free school meals and from the 2012/13 financial year, any pupil who has been in receipt of free school meals, for any length of time, still receives the grant for up to 6 years.

The pupil premium for 2016 to 2017 include pupils recorded in the January 2016 school census who are known to have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) since May 2011, as well as those first known to be eligible at January 2016.

  • Post - LAC (Looked after Children) – Those pupils who were looked after by an English or Welsh local authority for at least one day, immediately before being adopted, or who left local authority care on a special guardianship order or child arrangements order (previously known as a residence order). 

Service Children

Service children are not deemed as disadvantaged. The grant principally aims to help schools promote children’s social and emotional wellbeing and provide support to families. Children may, however, have experienced multiple school/country moves due to a parent’s posting and as a result, they may also need support in meeting academic standards in line with age related expectations and national expectations.

The PPG is made available to children who:

  • have a parent(s) currently serving in Her Majesty’s regular armed forces
  • have had a parent(s) serving in Her Majesty’s regular armed forces in the last 6 years
  • are in receipt of a child pension from the Ministry of Defen
Type of Pupil Premium Grant Annual Premiumper eligible pupil
Ever6 FSM £1,320
Post-LAC £1,900
Ever6 Service Cild


Can you help us ensure we receive the right amount?

If you believe your child may be entitled to additional support through the Pupil Premium Funding stream, please contact the school so we can check they are registered.

If your child is currently receiving free meals because they are in Key Stage One but you think  you may be entitled to Free School Meals based on your income, please register with – if you are eligible then the school will be notified and can register your child accordingly - we will also receive the appropriate Pupil Premium.